Success Story

Title of Story: Sustainable livelihood security through IFS
Farmer Name: Sri Lambodhar Padhan
Age: 40
Qualification: Matric
Address: Lahanda
KVK_Intervntion: KVK team guided him by observing interest and curiosity through regular field visit.

 LambodharPadhan is an enthusiastic dynamic farmer.

Generally growing paddy, groundnut, green gram with canal irrigation facilities.

 He was not satisfied with the over all farm income as he was putting a lot of efforts to increase the farm return

He is also wanted to renovate his ancestral unutilised pond.

 So, he approached KVK, Bargarh to gain knowledge & practical knowledge.

With his untired & consorted effort he has reaped tremendous growth in productivity and profitability.

After establishing himself as a successful farmer he is going to buy a tractor for smooth operation of his diversified activities.

Recycling of each unit bi-product is implemented successfully. Paddy – Paddy straw – Mushroom – FYM – Paddy – vegetable.

Observing his success a 67 number rural youth of the nearby village and blocksare nowinterested for IFS 

Farmer Name: Sri Firoz Sahu
Father_Name: Sri Saibasta Sahu
Age: 45
Qualification: Matric
Address: Baulsingha
AdharcardNo: 324017762898
KVK_Intervntion: -

IFS established by a Thirty Nine year man is acted as Light House for those thousands of farmer who migrated from rural to urban city every year for earning and dropped agriculture as occupation because of their thinking that it will not turn into viable enterprise to get sustainable income round the year.

Sri Firoz Sahu is an enthusiastic and renowned farmer of Baulsingha Village of Bhatli Block of Bargarh district. Although he educated up to Inter-mediate, he is a successful and progressive agro-entrepreneur, perfectly suits to the proverb - “Where there is a will, there is a way”. He owns 20 acres of cultivated land where initially paddy were grown in traditional methods. Being curious he visited KVK, Bargarh and interacted with their scientists. Then a crop calendar was prepared by KVK personnel as per his existing resources and land topography. After that he was suggested to adopt pond based IFS (Integrated Farming System) which consists of a range of resource-saving practices that aim to achieve acceptable profits, and high and sustained production levels while maintaining eco-friendly environment. The components of his IFS are field crop, horticulture, pisciculture, livestock and vermi-composting unit.

Being exposed to KVK interventions he utilized the modern improved farm techniques in his farm enterprise and gives employment to other 4-5 people throughout the year. He has made a nursery bed for different types of vegetable & fruits. Every year he was participating in Dhanu Yatra of Bargarh district in which he had displayed his own exhibits for popularization of agricultural products among the faming community. He has 1 acre pond for pisciculture with 5000 fish-fingerlings each of Grass-carp, Rohi, Bhakura and Mirkali etc. He is growing vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, pointed gourd and radish. He owns a 10-12 acre rice field var. silky in sowing method. Another attraction of his farm is Mango orchard having 200 plants like Langra, Amrapalii, Dusheri & Banganpalli etc. He has also grown fruits like pineapple, safeta, lime of 1000, 10 & 60 no of plants respectively. Extensively he is doing banana of G9 variety in 3 arce of land & 1.5 acre of Sweet corn sugar 75 variety. He has also one pair of improved breed of cow for milk purpose and is maintained with by-products obtained from the crop components.

He earned a gross income of approx. 15.30 lacs annually with an expenditure of Rs. 5.40 lacs. For his huge success and contribution towards agriculture he was awarded with many prizes like ATMA committee for fruits and vegetables, Krishi Mahottsav Sambalpur in 2014, Krishi Mahottsav Bhubaneswar in 2015 and Prakruti Bandhu award in 2015 at district level programme.

He developed a spirit that a man can be self employed and give employment to others from agriculture if he has interest and will power.
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